$1 Buy a Dream

Daunting Job

We really have a daunting job as parents and educators. How do we prepare our children for the future they will face? Just imagine stepping out of your front door today into the adult world of our current Kindergarteners. The year is 2055!

Close your eyes and imagine you are starting out on your daily high-speed rail commute. You touch the virtual newspaper link on the back of the seat in front of you. You decide to take a peek at the job postings and see: data waste manager, drone dispatcher, nano medic and a self-driving car technician.

After several minutes you decide you are very satisfied with your current position as dream designer – gotta’ fill up the machine!

Designing Dreams

Designing dreams is really a good title for what we do for our students and children. We open their worlds to new ideas and possibilities with the experiences we share and the questions we ask.

Have you ever felt a bit remiss, wondering if you left out some important part? Perhaps, like us, you’ve come to realize it’s not so much the “what you share” but more of the “how you share.” How about adding a dose of creativity everyday?

Create. Innovate. Inspire.

For the last seven years, since we moved back to the States from England, we have presented on the topic of creativity at our state conference, the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT).

This year’s theme was Create. Innovate. Inspire. So you can imagine how excited we were. The title of our presentation was Seven Action Areas to Develop Creativity: It’s Time!

 It’s Time!

During the first half of the hour we presented an overview of our Creativity Fan Model. We demonstrated how creativity can be integrated into all teaching and learning at home and in the classroom.

To begin the second half of the presentation, we showed a slide of that great philosopher Charlie Brown and the quotation “In The Book of Life the answers are not always in the back.” There were a number of soft chuckles from the audience. We consider this quotation the perfect Call to Action for the change we want to see in teaching and parenting.

Significant Questions

Our next slide was the number 2075. We asked the audience, "What do you believe is the significance of this date?" After 30 seconds, we revealed, "This is the year our current Kindergarteners will retire!" The audience responded with “Oohs” and “Ahhs.”

There are young entrepreneurs sitting in your classrooms and thousands of them in our classrooms across the country. What are we doing to prepare them for a world where 60% of the jobs do not exist today?

Creativity Tip of the Week: 

We cannot prepare our students and children for the future by exposing them to more content. Our job, as parents and teachers, is to teach them to think creatively and critically.

The Most Important Thing:

  • 60% of future jobs do not exist today
  • Children and students will face futures we cannot imagine
  • Teaching our children and students to think (creatively and critically) is our most important job

“Traditional thinking is all about what is.
Future thinking will also need to be about what can be.”
-Edward de Bono

The Curiosita Fan Model:

This week’s Creativity Crusader talks about the WHY behind the Creativity Fan Model

                                           Dr. Shade, CAGT 2016!

                                          Dr. Shade, CAGT 2016!


We’d also like to thank the Illinois Association for Gifted Children for co-hosting our October 11th Curiosita Teaching Institute!


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