“Oh, for heaven’s sake! This is the third drone trick-or-treater we have had tonight!” This cartoon caption, from our Close to Home desk calendar, is a humorous reminder of this burning question. Does our current system of education prepare our children with the skills needed for past, present, or future jobs?


Artificial & Augmented Intelligence

The title of this article from Vander Ark on Innovation, really made us sit up and think: Smart Machines will Eat Jobs! He discusses Artificial and Augmented Intelligences as the driving factors changing the employment opportunities of our children. So let’s take a look at these two new definitions of intelligences.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is replacing automated skills, and is referred to as “machine learning.” Two good examples are speech recognition and self-driving cars.

Augmented Intelligence is humans using AI to attack complex problems. In classrooms this is seen as using AI (APPS and programs) to teach repetitive skills (letter recognition, math facts, etc.) and freeing up the teachers to become facilitators of higher levels of learning and problem solving. This is also referred to as Intelligence Amplification (IA).


Artificial Intelligence & Skill Development

In our world of creativity we see the infusion of AI as an amazing opportunity for more reform and the growth of creativity in schools. To take this a step further we’d like to challenge you to come up with a list of skills and processes that could easily be automated. Here’s a brainstormed list to get you thinking.

1.    Multiplication Facts

2.    Learning the Alphabet

3.    States & Capitals

4.    Feedback and Grading

5.    Trial & Error Learning

6.    Names of Plants & Animals

7.    Colors and Shapes

8.    Anatomy & Physiology

9.    Keyboarding

10.Periodic Table of Elements


Augmented Teaching of the Future

Data explosions and innovations are rocking our world and will continue to do so. Artificial Intelligence is primed to make big changes in education. If we can automate skills and processes like the ones listed above, just think how much more time can be spent on the skills of the future.

And the more exciting news is that all of these advancements are giving teachers the time and the freedom to teach again - allowing them to use their special expertise and talents to really impart life-long creative learning experiences.


Creativity Tip of the Week:

Both parents and educators can “chart their own courses” by selecting automated programs and Apps for children and students.

The Most Important Thing:

  • AI and IA are driving forces changing education and jobs.
  •  Many “human jobs” no longer exist and others are close to extinction.
  •  AI will free up time to teach thinking & problem solving skills.
  •  AI lets children learn and re-learn at their own pace.
  •  AI cannot replace the amazing human creative brain!


“The principle goal of education is to create men who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generations have done – men who are creative, inventive and discoverers.”

                                                                        ~ Jean Piaget

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