We are setting sail with a weekly publication for your inbox – The Creativity Crusader. We’ve been working and writing in creativity land for many years – first as educators in the U.S. and then abroad in England. Everywhere we go we have met people just like you, both parents and educators, interested in bringing more creativity into the lives of their children.

With the launch of our new website, we are able to offer you new resources and free downloads. You can see us in action on a brand new video that was recently filmed as we worked with a very enthusiastic group of educators in Atlanta.

Each week we will bring you a creativity tip or tool you can use to help support the development of creativity in all of us. Creative ideas often come from inspirations and ideas of others. For our first tip we will share a way to keep creativity percolating!

Live creatively and prosper,

Patti & Rick

Founders – Curiosita Teaching™

Creativity Tip of the Week: Creativity Wall Collage

So here is a place where both teachers and parents can begin. Use your refrigerator or a bulletin board to create a display of creative inspirations and explorations.

Start by taking or finding interesting photos – ones that “speak to you” about creativity. Think of this as building a creativity collage together. Select images that excite you or “float your boat” or as we like to say, “knocks our socks off”. Have everyone share their thoughts about the creativity they see in their choices.

Encourage everyone to go to this space when looking for inspiration or for help with an idea they are pondering. You can also plan for weekly meetings at your Creativity Wall Collage to chat about the awesome creativity in your lives.

The picture above depicts one of our favorite inspirational pictures. It has become the cover of our book The Creativity Crusade: Nurturing and Protecting Your Child’s Creativity.

We were searching for a book cover that would grab the imaginations of our readers. We also were looking for one that sends a message that creativity is not just about the Arts – it’s in every part of our lives. This one surely does it all!

One final tip – you can theme your ever changing wall for seasonal events, vacation destinations, current affairs, space explorations . . .! Teachers will love the idea of having a bulletin board that grows and changes all year long – as if by magic.

The Most Important Thing
Creativity changes children’s lives. Creativity changes the world we live in. Nourishing and protecting your children’s creativity is one of the most important things you can do for them as a parent or a teacher.

  • All children are born creative.
  • Creativity can be developed and enhanced.
  • Creativity is an essential life-long learning skill.
  • Employers value and seek out creative individuals.
  • Creativity is key to personal happiness and success.


Creativity itself can be used even in little things to make our lives better.
— Carly (7th Grade)