As time unravels, many beliefs and commonly held ideas are revealed as untruths. Through cycles of personal evolution, individually and collectively, we come to realize these “untruths” were indeed based on inaccurate or limited available information. Our modern, rapidly expanding technological database of facts and figures allow us to quickly move these “untruths” into the myths category . . . except for the ones associated with creativity.

Classic Myths

Creativity can be a confusing topic and most of us have our own ideas about the subject. On-going creativity myths and misconceptions may color individual perceptions. So, let’s start the new year by dispelling five classical myths associated with creativity.

If you subscribe to all or parts of any of these myths, you probably will have some initial difficulty believing creativity can be developed and nurtured in all individuals. You may also be apprehensive about discussing your personal creativity with others. And worst of all you may even believe you are not creative!

Creativity Formula

Perhaps the biggest myth of all is the belief that creativity cannot be taught. At Curiosita Teaching we put this untruth “to bed” immediately - starting by offering the following formula:

 Creativity = creative thinking + critical thinking + creative productivity!

We invite you to take the 2017 challenge of teaching creative and critical thinking tools to your children/students. Watch their creativity grow as you guide them in the design and creation of products that “shine a light” on their developing creative abilities. One of the biggest myths we’d like your help in dispelling is the belief that creativity is housed only in the arts. Our world exists as it is today due to the creativity in all fields of endeavor.

Creativity & Change

Everyone is creative and can enhance their creative abilities by learning new tools and processes. Davis, (1992) states, “No amount of training will create a da Vinci or Edison. But it is also true that everyone’s capacity for creative living and creative thinking can be increased.” What more worthwhile exposure could you offer your children/students?

Culturing creative thoughts in practice and application will enhance the creative abilities of all students/children! Improved creativity skills will change students'/children’s:

  • lives.
  • world.
  • thinking.
  • mindsets.
  • beliefs.
  • persona.

Take the 2017 creativity challenge! Click here to find out about Curiosita training sessions:

“We must not be hampered by yesterday's myths in concentrating on today's needs.”

- Harold S. Geneen

Thanks for reading. Our goal is to help as many parents and educators as we can. If you know of others interested in parenting and teaching with and for creativity please forward.