We've been hibernating and now we are ready to start celebrating! And what better time to celebrate! World Creativity and Innovation Week is just around the corner (April 15-21, 2018)! We're starting off with a half-price moving sale! We are relocating our business to the lovely Bloomington, Indiana area. We've been hibernating to create our first on-line creativity course - find out more below!

Let's Look Back

2017 United Nations Creativity and Innovation Day Proclamation! 

April 21, Leonardo da Vinci's birthday

"As educators, we are thrilled this has happened in our lifetimes. Creativity is the essence of human potential - waiting to be realized in every student. This proclamation will open many classroom doorways and pave the way for creativity to be seen as an essential skillset for all."

Curiosita Teaching April 21, 2017

Let's Look Forward

Creativity! Everyone's talking about it! Some are calling it the fourth Industrial Revolution. No matter your "walk of life" -- acquiring the skillsets and mindsets of creativity is becoming increasingly important for personal and professional happiness and success.

"Creativity is one of the most important skills we can teach our students."

Tom Vander Ark, Getting Smart

Let's Catch Up

Yes, we've been hibernating but we've been busy! We finally found an on-line platform that lets us build true learning communities. A unique activity-based, social media, gaming-infused, micro-credentialed (badges), and educator-guided approach - all of the components of a globally recognized leading mobile professional learning systems. Watch the video below to find out more about our CBL:Creativity-Based Learning Series.

Begin your journey today!


Creativity-Based Learning CBL #1: Introduction and Person is now available!

CBL is designed to help educators view creativity as tangible and teachable. Seven targeted mindset and skillset areas are introduced along with the four instructional elements. And most importantly, participants are left with a deeper understanding of the vital need for creativity in today's classrooms. 

Live, learn, and lead creatively and prosper!

Rick & Patti Shade

Curiosita Co-founders