CBL: Creativity-Based Learning Series

"One of the most important skills we can teach to prepare our students for the future is creativity."

Tom Vander Ark, Getting Smart


CBL Course #1: Introduction & Person

Course Content

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Curiosita Teaching: Creativity-Based Learning Series


About the Series

Creativity-Based Learning is a four-course series designed to help educators learn how to teach with and for creativity. The courses in this series provide the instructional tools and curricular framework components needed to integrate creativity into all parts of teaching and learning. Participants will have encounters with the 4 instructional elements and the 7 targeted action (mindset and skillset) development areas.

Course #1: Introduction & Person is where educators delve into a deeper understanding of creativity, explore creative behaviors, practice using the 4 instructional elements, and be introduced to the Creativity Fan framework.

Course #2: Process & Product is “where the rubber meets the road” providing tools and strategies, as well as a course of action for designing creativity-based learning environments.

Course #3: Press & Perception focuses on techniques for building the internal neural-environment and the external classroom environments conducive for creativity to flourish.

Course #4: Persistence & Passion brings encounters with new concepts and methods for maintaining effort and a passionate level of interest in life-long learning.

Curiosita CBL Course 1: Introduction & Person

Course Description & Learning Objectives

Creativity-Based Learning (CBL): Introduction & Person, is a self-paced professional learning course. It is the first in a series of four courses introducing teachers to the strategies and instructional benefits of CBL. This professional learning experience provides educators with a better understanding of the importance of creativity in 21st century classrooms. The research and rationale supporting the vital need for creativity in today's classrooms is shared, including examples of how creativity affects all of us on daily and world-changing levels. Participants are introduced to the 4 Instructional Elements of the Curiosita Creativity Fan Model and provided with an overview of the 7 targeted action (mindset and skillset) areas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand creativity as a developmental skill that can be taught.

  • Defend creativity as essential skillsets and mindsets of teaching and learning.

  • Debunk the myths and misconceptions of creativity.

  • Recognize and support positive and negative creative behaviors.

  • Understand creative and critical thinking as the cyclic processes of creativity.

  • Integrate the 4 Elements of Creativity into instructional design.

  • Identify the 7 targeted action areas of the Creativity Fan Model in instruction.

  • View the integration of creativity as tangible and actionable.

  • Investigate the relationships between curiosity, play, and creativity.

  • Discover the effects of creativity on teaching and learning.

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Curiosita Teaching's CBL Course 1: Introduction & Person is designed to help educators view creativity as tangible and teachable. It leaves participants with an understanding of the vital need for creativity in classrooms and introduces the 4 Instructional Elements that can be embedded into all teaching and learning. Available on a transformative on-line platform, creating real learning communities that thrive on gamification, social learning, micro-credential badges, peer interaction, and administrative engagement. 

"Professional development programs with more than 14 hours in duration and delivered over time are most effective at changing teacher practice and improving student achievement."

Stanford University

CBL Courses #2 Product & Process, #3 Press & Perception, and #4 Persistence and Passion release dates to be announced.

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