On-line Professional Development Research Findings

  • Professional development programs with more than 14 hours in duration and delivered over time are most effective at changing teacher practice and improving student achievement.
  • Simulations of practice (for example, roleplaying exercises and teaching model lessons) positively impact professional practice and produce measurable outcomes.
  • Ongoing, interactive coaching with iterative collaboration among teachers and trainers is an effective professional development method.
  • A wealth of evidence suggests that carefully designed professional development with other effective attributes can be equally effective whether conducted “in person” or largely over the internet.
  • Individual performance directs the personalization of instruction, allowing educators to experience learning that meets his or her specific needs.

Research Findings from Stanford University.

Administrator Benefits

  • An Administrative Dashboard provides you with real-time data of teachers' progress and engagement.
  • Save money on off-site conferences and training costs: lodging, transportation, etc.
  • No substitute teachers required! Use professional learning funds for the learning!
  • An efficient, effective way to meet your district's mission statement, improvement goals, or professional learning goals.
  • Observe real life change in classroom practice as your educators learn, practice, and re-learn as needed before advancing to the next level.

Teacher Benefits

  • Work on any device, anywhere, anytime . . . in your sweats or pajamas! 
  • No prepping for substitutes needed!
  • Earn micro credentials for salary schedule advancement, endorsements, license renewal, and/or graduate credit.
  • Learn over time with real-life practice opportunities to truly embed the professional learning into your teaching.
  • Collaborate globally with other educators! Give and receive meaningful feedback from peers and instructors.
  • Progress at your own pace and experience increased motivation and engagement.