Curiosita Teaching Professional Learning Sessions

Curiosita Teaching™ empowers educators and parents with tools and strategies required to unleash the power of student creativity. Sessions begin with an understanding of Curiosita as an “unrelenting quest for creativity” . . . the spark to ignite in all learners. Discussions and activities center around learning segments of the Curiosita Teaching Fan Model: 1) Four Instructional Elements: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, and Elaboration and 2) Seven Action Areas of the Creativity Fan Model. 

CBL: Integrating Creativity Into All Teaching & Learning

These sessions are personalized for each Professional Learning Community. They can be scheduled as an introduction to Creativity-Based Learning (CBL) or as on-going consulting and coaching sessions for those already participating in the on-line PLC: Curiosita Teaching: Creativity-Based Learning. The four courses in the series are 1) Introduction & Person, 2) Process & Product 3) Press & Perception and 4) Passion & Persistence.

Executive Function: Choices, Challenges, and Creativity

Executive Function (EF) skills are needed to navigate daily life. They are a set of cognitive processes that help children/students monitor and manage their behaviors. Adverse situations and daily life experiences can affect the EF abilities of all individuals. Children and students immersed in creative activities oftentimes need EF support to be successful and productive. They can get lost in generating endless ideas, impeding all EF skills! The full-day Work-Do-Shop format allows time for educators to practice and re-design strategies and tools for their own classroom use in the following EF areas:

  • Planning & Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Working Memory
  • Impulse Control
  • Cognitive Flexibility/Transitions
  • Self-Regulation
  • Attentional Control

Nurturing and Protecting Your Child’s Creativity

Curiosita Teaching™ for Parents provides innovative and practical suggestions from current research and decades of parenting experience. The activities and tools presented are from the Curiosita Teaching™ award winning book The Creativity Crusade: Nurturing & Protecting Your Child’s Creativity. You will leave these sessions with the confidence and knowledge to start making a difference in how your child experiences life, learning, and happiness. This engaging and thought-provoking program provides you with tools and strategies needed to nurture and protect your child’s creativity. Here are some things you will explore and ponder:

  1. How to use tools to improve creative and critical thinking.
  2. How the myths and misconceptions of creativity affect our beliefs.
  3. What you can do to build a creative climate in your home.
  4. How creativity leads to personal and professional happiness and success.
  5. How to advocate for more creativity in classrooms and schools.
  6. User-friendly tips & techniques that can be used every day. 

Curiosita Teaching™ helps parents and children unleash the power of their personal and professional creativity!

Curiosita Teaching Keynotes

Creativity Coming of Age

Integrating creativity into all teaching and learning is now a goal that can be achieved by all parents and educators. Project-based and personalized programs are opening the doors for learning the skillsets and mindsets of creativity. These movements are the beginnings of what is needed for education - a change of paradigms resulting in meaningful talks about what is important for future generations. This keynote will inspire and challenge you to join The Creativity Crusade by sharing the vital role creativity plays in the lives of our students and in the lives of passionate creative change makers around the globe. You will also reflect on  the words of students - sharing how their participation in a creativity classroom changed their thinking and how they experience life. 


Changing Perceptions of Creativity

Perceptions of creativity are changing as education continues to be driven by global forces. Businesses and thought leaders are placing a high value on the skills of highly trained creative individuals. Parents are seeking schools that develop the skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative thinking. And last, but not in any way least, teachers are demanding less emphasis on testing and more emphasis on teaching. Many are beginning to understand creativity as a dynamic that challenges mindsets and elevates learning to passionate levels of productivity. This Curiosita Teaching™ keynote provokes audiences into embracing a belief in the power and the essential need for integrating creativity into all teaching and learning.