CBL Course 1: Introduction & Person


CBL Course 1: Introduction & Person

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Creativity-Based Learning (CBL)

Course 1: Introduction & Person


This course leads you through 9 Tiles of learning experiences designed for teachers of every grade and content level. The journey will include and exploration of the skillsets and mindsets necessary to explore teaching with and for creativity. You’ll delve into a deeper understanding of creativity, explore creative behaviors, and be introduced to the Creativity Fan framework. You will have an opportunity to explore the Instructional Elements of creativity and practice integrating them into lesson plan design. This professional learning experience also provides educators with an understanding of the role creativity plays in 21st century classrooms. The research and rationale supporting the vital need for creativity in today’s classroom will be shared, including examples of how creativity affects all of us on daily and world changing levels.

Patti Garrett Shade and Dr. Rick Shade, nationally and internationally known authors and experts on creativity, will guide you through the course. Please note that once your registration and payment is confirmed, you will receive digital access via email.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand creativity as a developmental skill that can be taught.

  • Defend creativity as essential skillsets and mindsets of teaching and learning.

  • Debunk the myths and misconceptions of creativity.

  • Recognize and support positive and negative creative behaviors.

  • Understand creative and critical thinking as the cyclic processes of creativity.

  • Integrate the Elements of Creativity into instruction.

  • Identify the components of the Creativity Fan Model in instruction.

  • View the integration of creativity as tangible and actionable.

  • Investigate the relationships between curiosity, play, and creativity.

  • Share the effects of creativity on teaching and learning.

9 Exercises and 43 Activities

Shared on a transformative professional learning platform designed by MassiveU that includes: an administrative dashboard, social media, gamification, and micro credentials! 


Optional 1 hour college credit ($55.00) available upon successful completion through Adams State University. Contact info@curiositateaching.com to find our more!