Differentiation Flipbook

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differentiation book cover.png

Differentiation Flipbook


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Individual differences in learning have intrigued and challenged educators for centuries. Today’s differentiation offers practical responses to address these learning differences. It captures the “best practices” of the one-room schoolhouse educator and those of the highly-skilled modern day educator. It’s driven by focusing on the continuous development of processes, products, passions/content and student readiness. This flipbook explains differentiation in simple, straightforward terms. It includes the following 218 resources:

  • 14 Variable Conditions 
  • 8 “Teacheristics”
  • 14 Low and High Prep Options
  • 45 Menu-planning Options
  • 9 Multiple Intelligence Tic-Tac-Toe
  • 25 Product Alpha Think Tank 
  • 50 Passion Topic/Product Ideas
  • 43 Item Alphabet of Differentiation, 
  • 1 Fluid Differentiation Graphic Organizer
  • 9 Recommended Texts and Resources

Size:  5.25 x 6.5 inches


How often do you find yourself with stacks of "stuff" when you return from a conference or training? And rarely do you have the time to go back through and find all the new tips and techniques you discovered and want to use immediately in your classroom! These new resources are designed as desktop aides to have at your "fingertips" when you return from a conference or finish a book study and want to remember the most important things to use during you daily instruction. Also they are great reminders of some of your favorite teaching strategies - right on top of your desk! They also contain references and resources you can quickly access to further your exploration of each topic. These simple, practical publications can also be purchased by administrators as sets for teachers to assist them in leading and changing instructional focus in the classroom.