What are Think Tanks

Think Tanks are graphic organizers that can be designed to extend and enrich students' thinking. There is no one right way to use this template. As you can see from the Content and the Alpha Think Tanks shared below  the columns and rows are sometimes labeled for use and sometimes they are not.

Why Think Tanks

The organizational design of Think Tanks is a perfect example of how the Curiosita Teaching Program™ takes what we know from research and turns it into practical instructional strategies and templates.

Research tells us the brain is an organizing organ; therefore, our brains love Think Tanks! The word Think Tank also reminds students it is their job to think creatively and critically at all times!

How to use Think Tanks

Parents, teachers, and students can use Think Tank designs for academic and passion learning explorations to promote rigorous, fun, and engaged learning.

Parents might want to start with Alpha Think Tanks to generate family lists of: vacation places, interests, kinds of pets, etc. Both teachers and students will find unlimited uses for standards, acceleration, and enrichment learning purposes.

Types of Think Tanks

  • Content Think Tanks
  • Alpha Think Tanks
  • Creative Problem Solving Think Tanks
  • Curriculum Design Think Tanks
  • Passion Learning Think Tanks
  • Creative Writing Think Tanks
  • Innovation Think Tanks
  • Creative Thinking Think Tanks
  • Research Think Tanks
  • Assessment Think Tanks

Examples of Think Tanks

Below are some teacher created Think Tanks designed during our professional learning sessions. What are some ideas you have for using Think Tanks? Please share and you might find yours on our next update of the Think Tank page.

THINK TANK Ecosystems.jpg