Holidays bring out creativity all around us no matter what the season or reason. This certainly came to mind when we first saw this garage “monster face.” Our first thoughts were, “Wow, cool! Wish we had thought of that.” Our next thought was, “Hmmmm.” Then we immediately started thinking about another version. This is the place where all creativity begins – something catches your eye and jumpstarts your thinking on to the next version of the idea. 

‘Tis the Seasons

So we stopped to think for a moment, “What is it about holidays that inspire some of the more noticeable creative creations in our homes and neighborhoods?” Well, there are certainly many of the ingredients needed for bursts of creativity associated with our major holiday celebrations. Let’s stay with the Halloween theme to take a closer look.

  • Magical Thoughts: children’s stories, fairy tales, ghost stories, and scary tales.
  • Merriment Celebrations: happy, playful attitudes and outlooks when trick-or-treating.
  • Memorable Memories: engaging in these events and activities bring back childhood memories, experiences, and their accompanying emotions.
  • Inspirational Themes: bold orange and black colors with witchy creatures flying around.
  • Attitude Adjustments: “permission” to be fun, wild, and crazy with costume designs and home decorations.
  • Holiday Movies: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, “Frankenstein”, and “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”
  • Holiday Humor: whimsical and joyful thoughts. 

Q: “Why don’t ghosts like rain on Halloween? 

A: “It dampens their spirits.”

Environment Suspension

When a holiday arrives, it often feels as if it comes with it’s own temporary new environment and atmosphere. And interestingly enough, it causes us to all move into new patterns of thinking and creating. You might describe it as a screen or curtain being pulled down over the real world of everyday happenings – a suspension in time. This “other place” brings with it the decoration and celebration expectations and opportunities. 

Creative Freedom

Holidays are an excellent time to let go of mental constraints and let your creativity roll.  And don’t we all love driving around the neighborhood and seeing all kinds of fun and stimulating changes in the unique and kinda’ weird ideas that come up around Halloween and other holidays?  And of course there’s usually one or two that really go over the top and “Knock-My-Socks-Off.” Here’s one last photo of a “magical monster making” moment we dug out of our old photo albums to share with you – sons, Seth and Caleb!

For Your Classroom

Our challenge to you is to bring a creative holiday attitude into your classroom every day. Let students see you modeling your own creativity on a daily basis. Make a space for materials and inspirational pictures to encourage creative explorations. This could become a wall collage of your and your students favorites!

Let’s Reflect and Remember . . .

  • Allow yourself the freedom to be creative.
  • Modeling your creativity for students can be an incredible change maker.
  • Holiday spirits, events, activities, and attitudes encourage creativity.

“Be brave enough to live life creatively. 

What you will discover will be wonderful. 

What you will discover will be yourself.”

~ Alan Alda

Live, learn, and lead creatively.

Rick and Patti