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Whether you’re a teacher or administrator, you see the potential in every student to be a wellspring of creative ideas and innovation.

As an educator, you see the potential to turn every classroom into a studio full of active learners.

Whether you’re in a public school, progressive school, or charter school, you don’t need a new curriculum of creativity.

You’re searching for the “missing link” to increase student rigor and intensity as they move through any

Future-Ready program.

You want to contribute to a mindset shift that elevates creative thinking as one of the most needed and respected abilities – an essential 21st century skill.

Enter COURSE 1: CBL INTRODUCTION & PERSON, a nine-module online course that will show you how to foster the traits and behaviors of highly creative people in all your students. You’ll gain insights into cultivating a learning environment enhanced by curiosity, play, and creativity. All this plus classroom-tested, evidence-based mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets to use in the classroom today.

The result? Upon completing this course you’ll come away with a deep commitment to support the development of students’ creativity and a strong rationale for repositioning creativity as an essential learning goal. You’ll create a new learning culture where students go from bored to absorbed and cautious to creative.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why it’s essential at this time in history to teach with and for creativity.
  • How to articulate why you’re teaching the way you are to any parent, student, or colleague.
  • Why and how to use curiosity and play to foster creativity in the classroom.
  • Strategies to recognize and nurture behaviors of highly creative people in all students — and yourself.
  • How to practice using the 4 Instructional Elements of Creativity in lesson plan design.
  • How targeting the goals of the Creativity Fan Framework make creativity tangible and teachable.
  • Evidence-based and classroom-tested  toolsets and skillsets you can apply to your existing curriculum — today.
“I’ve always loved seeing my students get excited and engrossed in creative work. Now I know how important it is for their futures. This course gave me the tools and ‘permission’ to teach in the ways I always thought were the most important”
Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented, Denver, CO

Course Modules

1. What is Creativity?

Understand creativity as an essential, developmental skill that is teachable and can be improved with practice.

2. The Global Need for Creativity

Connect the dots between why creative thinking is valuable in today’s economy and how you’re preparing students to flourish in the 21st century.

3. Myths & Misconceptions

Recognize and debunk myths about creativity so you can better recognize the creative potential in each of your students – and yourself.

4. Curiosity

Gain practical teaching strategies to arouse and direct students’ innate curiosity and learn how to use that curiosity to drive productive learning.

5. Play

Learn practical, evidence-based techniques for integrating play into your teaching, students’ learning, and the creative process.

6. Creative Behaviors

Learn strategies to recognize and foster the behaviors associated with highly creative people in all your students – and yourself.

7. Creative & Critical Thinking

Compare and contrast creative and critical thinking processes so you can support both in your classroom as part of enhancing students’ creative productivity.

8. Instructional Elements of Creativity

Learn how to integrate the 4 Instructional Elements of Creativity (Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, and Elaboration) into your curriculum design and student assessment.

9. The Curiosita Creativity Fan Framework

Discover the 7 components (Person, Process, Product, Press, Perception, Persistence, and Passion) that support the integration of creativity into all teaching and learning.

Release Your Students’ Creativity — Today
Nurture the traits of a highly creative Person in all students. Empower your students with the mindsets to keep curiosity, creativity, and wonder alive throughout and beyond their classroom experience.

PRICE: $99

Course One: CBL Process & Product may be completed as part of your professional learning plan and/or for university credit through Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado.

Consulting for your classrooms, schoolS, or district

As an educational administrator, we know it can be challenging to engage your teachers with professional learning. We can help you customize your approach to introducing the Creativity-Based Learning Series and provide ongoing support to help you create a personalized plan, one that fits seamlessly into the learning culture of your classrooms, schools, and district.