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As a teacher or educational administrator, you know all students have the potential to combine existing knowledge into creative ideas and innovative solutions.

All students – yes, every single one of them – have the potential to develop their creative thinking skills.

We know you don’t need yet another program to fit into the year’s already packed lesson plans.

You want tools – validated tools – to shift how to engage students.

What if you had access to creative thinking toolsets and skillsets that could be applied to an existing curriculum? What if those tools and strategies also included product development and assessment processes that allowed you to meet – if not exceed – the standards? And what if those skillsets and mindsets were exactly what you’ve been looking for to improve students’ rigorous thinking and levels of authentic productivity in Future-Ready, Project-Based, Problem-Based, or Inquiry-Based Learning programs?

Enter COURSE 2: CBL PROCESS & PRODUCT, a nine-module online course that provides evidence-based, classroom-tested toolsets and skillsets that foster students’ curiosity and confidence in their creative thinking and guides them to develop visual and written products using an experiment-oriented process.

The Result? Upon completing the course, you’ll come away with researched and practical strategies that empower you to cultivate your students’ creative, critical, and design thinking capacities. When you integrate these strategies into your existing curriculum, your students will shift from being passive, dependent learners to confident, autonomous ones.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Intensify brainstorming sessions that result in more productive outcomes.
  • Cultivate a creative thinking culture in the classroom.
  • Increase students’ idea generation and creative output.
  • Hone students’ critical thinking skills as part of choice making and designing.
  • Use graphic organizers to support the brain’s need for organization.
  • Scaffold the development of creative writing abilities using specific skillsets and toolsets.
  • Use assessment processes to support incremental change during the cyclic process of creativity.
  • Align your students’ Product-Based Learning with standards.
  • Enhance attribute thinking abilities to increase students’ out-of-the-box, innovative thinking.
  • Use toolsets and skillsets to teach creativity developmentally.
  • Integrate product development in all Project-Based, Product-Based, and Inquiry-Based Learning environments.
“This course is a treasure trove of practical and classroom ready ideas. I’m energized and excited to share this new learning with my students.”

Science & Arts Academy, Chicago, IL

Course Modules

1. Brainstorming

Learn a variety of brainstorming approaches and how to use them as creative thinking techniques guided by rules and strategies.

2. Thinking Vocabulary

Gain a new vocabulary to stimulate a more rigorous and productive creative thinking culture in your classroom.

3. Scamper

Discover how to use a creativity checklist tool to improve students’ creative output in a range of situations.

4. Critical Thinking Tools

Acquire tools to help students think deeply and improve their decisions and choices made during the creative thinking process.

5. Content Think Tanks

Understand the brain’s need for organization and how graphic organizers can be used to improve and intensify thinking.

6. Innovation Think Tanks

Gain tools and strategies to help students think more flexibly using attributes to fuel idea generation.

7. Creative Writing Think Tanks

Learn how to use a series of graphic organizers to improve creative writing outcomes.

8. Product Planning and Assessment

Learn how to integrate product development and experimentation into instruction using templates and assessment strategies.

9. Integrating CBL into 21st Century Programs

Discover how incorporating the mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets of creativity maximize student output in all Future-Ready, Project-Based, Problem-Based, and Inquiry-Based Learning programs.

Prepare your students and teachers for the future
Empower your students and teachers to become more confident, creative learners with Course 2: CBL Process & Product.

PRICE: $99

Course 2: CBL Process & Product may be completed as part of your professional learning plan and/or for university credit from Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado.

Consulting for your classrooms, schoolS, or district

As an educational administrator, we know it can be challenging to engage your teachers with professional learning. We can help you customize your approach to introducing the Creativity-Based Learning Series and provide ongoing support to help you create a personalized plan, one that fits seamlessly into the learning culture of your classrooms, schools, and district.