Evidence-based online professional learning experiences that equip educational leaders to innovate their existing curriculum

We know what it’s like to feel trapped as a teacher or educational leader.

We understand how it feels to watch students’ minds be tamped down by conventional cultural expectations that perpetuate doing things the same way they’ve always been done.

We know that countless buzzword educational trends, reforms, and programs don’t always help you reach your personal learning goals — the ones that made you decide to become a teacher.

And, yes, we also sympathize that many professional learning experiences can be tedious and overwhelming—and seem to result in little change.

Perhaps you too have been pondering: How can we prepare our youth to be agile problem-solvers in times that demand we embrace uncertainty and face challenges with creative strategy and innovation?

That’s why we developed Creativity-Based Learning courses built on our Creativity Fan Framework.

We equip visionary educational leaders like you with mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets to fuel your students’ curiosity and confidence in their own creative thinking. And guess what? It makes teaching and learning fun again.

Our evidence-based strategies, tools, courses, and professional learning experiences will catalyze every student’s inventiveness, ingenuity, and imagination—for a lifetime.

Our Story

We were both good students who oftentimes felt frustrated and bored in school. But all along the way there were teachers who made learning fun and exciting for us. They challenged us to think and provided us with opportunities to explore our creativity. All of these experiences led to our life long missions to change education. We became teachers.

Although much of our early careers were focused on gifted and talented education, we both knew that we wanted to break out of that model and create a way to teach that would stimulate all children’s curiosity and creativity.

We began our quest by co-writing books and articles to provide resources for teachers and parents. That led to speaking gigs and professional learning experiences across the globe. And it made a difference.

Teachers and students shared their “aha” experiences as

classrooms transformed into studios.

Our courses and professional learning experiences transform schools into spaces where learning is built upon curiosity and creativity—spaces filled with energized and empowered teachers, and excited and engaged students.

“I feel invigorated, empowered, happy, and validated. I know I can make this kind of difference in my students’ lives.”


“What? That can’t be the bell! Class can’t be over yet!”


But we noticed a central problem: teachers often felt frustrated, taxed, and time-depleted.

We knew that in order to change education as usual, future-minded educators like you need more than an article or a one-day workshop.

So, we created a self-paced, flexible professional learning experience that gives you activities to try out in your classroom on your own time and in your own way. The Creativity-Based Learning courses built on our Creativity Fan Framework will stimulate curiosity, creativity, and wonder in your classroom, school, or district every day.

We know you’re ready for a new, innovative way to teach.

A way that brings curiosity into the classrom, or as Leonardo da Vinci described it,

“Curiosità: an unrelenting quest for continuous learning.”

Let’s create a generation of creative agents of change. Together.

We stand for integrating creative thinking into all teaching and learning.

We stand for rigor not rigidity.
We stand for honoring students’ innate creativity.
We stand for schools designed not as factories but as studios.
We’re guessing you feel the same way.

Let’s bring these Curiosita ingredients into every classroom:


Courage is not about winning battles and risking your life. Courage looks like a teacher rising up to voice an idea that at first seems a little crazy. Courage looks like a student embracing a challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. Courage is about classrooms becoming brave spaces where curiosity, emotional risk-taking, and intellectual risk-taking are expected and respected.


Do you notice how quickly we can get stuck in our ruts and rows of desks? Our children’s world is faced with such uncertainty that it’s up to us to find ways to help them test out and question what they are learning in novel, joyful, and useful ways. We stand for schools designed as laboratories where both students and teachers are encouraged to take creative risks, fail forward fast, and rise again. Together.

Creativity For All

Creativity is not just about artists making masterpieces – although we have nothing against master artists! Creativity is the engine of what makes our lives better. We believe that every day every child, every teacher, and every educational leader can be driven from within to be their creative best and to derive beautiful solutions to make our lives richer, our students happier, and our world ultimately a better place.

Wit, grit, and playfulness

Hey, when you’re stirring up a quiet revolution in classrooms, you need to laugh a little, right? We know the evidence: serious play leads to real learning, resilience, and lifelong wisdom.

Let’s change how education is done.

Let’s bring out the innate creativity in every child, teacher, and educational leader.


Patti Garrett Shade’s career in education has taken her from classroom science teacher to Gifted and Talented State Program Director of the Indiana Department of Education to teacher with the Department of Defense Dependents Schools. Her development of one of the first elementary science lab enrichment programs in the U.S. received accolades and national press coverage. As Indiana’s Gifted and Talented State Program Director, she wrote legislation to ensure that creativity was included as an area of gifted identification. Patti also served on the World Creativity Center Development Team with Dr. Edward de Bono. She co-authored multiple articles and four books including Curiosita Teaching: Integrating Creativity Into All Teaching & Learning, Curiosita Teaching: Handbook of Instructional Strategies, and Setting Minds Free: Nurturing and Protecting Your Child’s Creativity, which received the Legacy Book Award from the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented. She holds an MA in Biology and Physical Education and endorsements in Gifted and Talented and Aerospace.


As a professor of education, Dr. Rick Shade received outstanding educator awards from two universities for his innovative teaching practices. Oxford University recruited him to assist in leading a national teacher training program in creativity and gifted education. As a Senior Lecturer at the Oxford Gifted Research Centre for Able Pupils, Rick consulted with and trained educators throughout England and Europe. He has co-authored dozens of scholarly publications and given hundreds of presentations and workshops nationally and internationally. He is the author of seven books including License to Laugh: Humor in the Classroom, Curiosita Teaching: Integrating Creativity Into All Teaching & Learning, Curiosita Teaching: Handbook of Instructional Strategies, and Setting Minds Free: Nurturing and Protecting Your Child’s Creativity, which received the Legacy Book Award from the Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented. He holds an MA and EdD in Special Education and Teaching.


Integrate creativity into all aspects of teaching and learning at your own pace and in your own way. The Creativity-Based Learning Series will give you instructional tools and curricular framework to enhance Project-Based, Problem-Based, and Inquiry-Based Learning in your classroom.


Looking for books and resources packed with curriculum ideas and tools to bring creativity and curiosity back into your classroom?