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Patti Garrett Shade, M.A.

Patti Garrett Shade has a diverse background in education. Her teaching experiences encompass elementary through high school in the areas of creativity, thinking skills, and science. Her work as an author and professional learning consultant has given her opportunities to share her expertise with educators in many different countries.

Patti received national recognition for both her work as Indiana State Director of Gifted and Talented and for the development of an Elementary Science Lab Enrichment Program. She also served on the development team for the World Creativity Center with Dr. Edward de Bono.

She is co-author of Curiosita Teaching: Integrating Creativity Into All Teaching & Learning™, Curiosita Teaching: Handbook of Instructional Strategies™ and the At Your Fingertips™ series. Her 2015 book release, The Creativity Crusade: Nurturing and Protecting Your Child’s Creativity™, received the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented 2015 Parent Legacy Award.

rick shade curiosita

Dr. Richard Shade, Ed.D.

Dr. Rick Shade is an internationally known author and speaker. As a professor, he received Outstanding Educator awards at two Universities for innovative teaching practices.

Rick was recruited to assist in leading a national teacher training program in creativity and gifted education for Oxford University. As a Senior Lecturer in the Gifted Research Centre for Able Pupils, he consulted with educators throughout England and Europe.

He is co-author of Curiosita Teaching: Integrating Creativity Into All Teaching & Learning™ and Curiosita Teaching: Handbook of Instructional Strategies™. He is also the author of License to Laugh: Humor in the Classroom. His book, The Creativity Crusade: Nurturing and Protecting Your Child’s Creativity™, received the Texas Association for Gifted and Talented 2015 Parent Legacy Award.

Curriculum Vitae: thirteen books, three book chapters, and 30 refereed journal articles on the topics of special education, gifted education, humor, thinking skills, and creativity.

Rick and Patti are based in Denver, Colorado where they work with educational organizations, businesses, and parent groups seeking new ways to integrate creativity into their work and home environments.

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Our Why...

Nurturing and protecting children's creativity leads to personal and professional happiness and success. 

Supporting and developing students’ creativity is essential for the continuous improvement of our world.

Why a Creativity Crusade?

Creativity has and always will be at the heart of American culture. Unfortunately our educational system has yet to capitalize on this amazing trait that has been associated with our country since its inception.

It’s a daily part of all our lives, yet almost seems to be taken for granted until we stop for a moment and reflect on the great works of some of our icons: Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Princess Diana, Richard Branson, Thomas Edison, Madame Curie, Adele, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Johnny Depp, and Coco Chanel.

These individuals did not obtain notoriety or fame due to an intense and repetitive focus on mathematical and literacy skills while attending school. For some, it was actually the act of leaving school that gave them the freedom needed for their creative genius to grow.

For decades, creativity has languished in the political and educational arenas. It occasionally survived in classrooms when highly creative students found mentors or like-minded teachers.

  • We empower teachers so they may bring back to teaching what has been missing with the over assessment and intense instructional focus on literacy and mathematical skills.
  •  We empower parents so they may bring back to parenting what has often been “put on the back shelf” in our hectic 21st century, over-scheduled lifestyles. 

We want creativity to thrive in all “home rooms” and in all classrooms! And to that end, we are on a Creativity Crusade for every student, every teacher, every school . . . EVERY DAY!

Curiosita Teaching Program™ 

Curiosita Teaching™ evolved from decades of teaching across many content areas in all grade levels. We combined research with classroom experience and used our home and classroom environments to develop real tools and skills that can be taught to support the development of children’s creativity. Creativity is a perishable skill that will diminish if not protected and nourished.

For educators, we separated creativity into subsets of instructional skills that can be used in any grade level and in any content area to:

  • Create rigorous and engaged learning environments.
  • Ignite the interests and passions of students and educators.
  • Prepare our students for a world beyond school!

For parents, we designed activities and shared ways to make creativity central to the home environment. We included tools that can be taught to children so they will leave home with a “creativity toolbox." Engaging children, at an early age, in creative learning experiences will:

  • Shape their outlooks and beliefs.
  • Open their minds to ideas and possibilities.
  • Lead to personal and professional happiness and success.

For both educators and parents, we designed a framework, The Curiosita Creativity Fan Model, that includes the four Instructional Elements and the seven targeted Action Areas that can be addressed to support the development of student creativity.

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