Curiosita Teaching: Integrating Creativity Into All Teaching & Learning

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Curiosita Teaching: Integrating Creativity Into All Teaching & Learning


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Have you always been intrigued by creativity but wondered how it could be used instructionally in a standards-based classroom? Curiosita Teaching, a first of its kind, makes it possible for teachers to 1) teach creativity as a developmental skill and 2) teach with creativity in any content area.

The Curiosita Teaching Program™ offers a comprehensive approach that puts teachers in control of their own creative learning and teaching. It provides flexibility and structure so teachers can integrate creativity into their teaching style. It introduces creativity as teachable by using the Creativity Fan Model. This model is composed of: 

  • Four instructional elements: Fluency, Flexibility, Originality and Elaboration
  • Seven targeted goal areas: Person, Process, Persistence, Passion, Product, Press, and Passion

This combination of tools and goals provides educators with real targets that can be used and assessed at any level of instruction in any content area. It also gives all teachers permission to switch the focus to “how” they teach and not “what” they teach (standards). This text includes all the bits and pieces needed to teach with and for creativity: Creativity Scope & Sequence, Creativity Lesson Planner, Creativity Attribute Learning Log, Creativity Curriculum Organizer, Product Planning Templates, and a myriad of lesson plans from a variety of content areas. Start using Curiosita Teaching in your classroom and give your students the gift of a “toolbox” filled with the skills of creativity and a creative outlook on life!

What’s Inside?

  1. Introduction
  2. Research & Rationale
  3. The Curiosita Teaching Program™
  4. The Instructional Elements of the Creativity Fan Model
  5. Creating the Classroom Climate for Creativity
  6. Integrating Creativity: Curriculum and Instructional Design
  7. Assessing Creativity
  8. Creativity and Diverse Learners
  9. Creativity Quotations

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
176 Pages

Curiosita Teaching

Ian Byrd, Book Review Excerpts

  • develops a system to build students' creativity
  • full of quick ideas to implement immediately
  • provides a structure of integrating creativity into teaching
  • analyzes creativity breaking it down into instructional elements
  •  unpacks the abstract idea of creativity using various models
  • introduces an innovative model, The Creativity Fan
  • provides specific strategies to stretch students’ thinking
  • guides teachers into introducing creativity developmentally
  • offers strategies for assessing creativity with self-assessments and teacher observations