Curiosita Teaching: Handbook of Instructional Strategies




NEW UPDATED AUTHOR EDITION! This new release provides educators with the tools, activities, and organizational plans to integrate creativity into all content areas. The 250+ lesson plans and activities came from several years of piloting Curiosita Teaching in a variety of grade levels and content areas. Three complete Units are included to help you integrate creativity into more long-term, product-based learning areas of study: Animation, Brains: Anatomy & Physiology, and a Passion Learning Unit. Including a bonus CD of 240 “teacher ready” templates, handouts, and real student work samples. As you explore integrating creativity into all teaching and learning, you will discover its powerful influence over the teaching and learning climate. Integrating creativity changes the way teachers and students think about both the teaching and learning processes. Teaching with and for creativity:

  • Ignites the passions of students.
  • Creates a rigorous, engaged learning environment.
  • Makes teaching more fun and enjoyable again!

This book will help you teach your students the creativity skills and mindsets needed to catalyze their ingenuity, inventiveness, and imaginations. For a lifetime!

Curiosita Teaching: Handbook of Instructional Strategies, is a complementary text to Curiosita Teaching: Integrating Creativity Into All Teaching and Learning,

What’s Inside?

  1. Climate Activities
  2. Learning & Thinking Style Assessments
  3. Brainstorming Activities
  4. Creativity Instructional Elements Lessons
  5. Creative and Critical Thinking Tools Lessons
  6. Flexibility and Perception Activities
  7. Animation Unit
  8. Brain Anatomy & Physiology Unit
  9. Passion Learning Unit
  10. Product Lists & Choice Boards
  11. Think Tank Templates
  12. CD with over 240 lesson plans, handouts, and student work samples

Size: 8.5 x 11 inches
200 Pages

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