Laughing Matters: Using Humor in Classroom Activities




Discover how humor enhances all teaching and learning. The results – your students are more engaged, happy, and better creative thinkers! The old adage, “Don’t smile until Christmas” really doesn’t work. Learn to dismiss the myths associated with humor in education. Don’t be afraid of losing control by using humor – jump right in, try it!

Arthur Koestler stated, “Ha-Ha leads to AHA!” Understanding the caveats and forms of humor creates a healthy, happy classroom. Learn how K-12 students can express their humor and creativity sides through activities such as: “Brains”, “Cartoon Caption Capers”, “Illustrated Idioms”, “State of Fun”, “Top Ten Lists”, “Word Plays”, and much, much more!

Each lesson is written with teachers in mind with clear, concise instructions and ready to duplicate templates. Whether you have a few minutes during the day or hours to devote, these 20 units can result in your students being more engaged, happy and better creative thinkers. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced creative thinking skills
  • Extended attention and engagement
  • Increased student comprehension
  • Improved student/teacher relationships
  • Easier classroom management

Take a deep dive into integrating humor in all learning  – 20 full lesson plans and 80+ extension activities!

What’s Inside?


  1. Humor Quotient Inventory
  2. Mirth Meter Form
  3. Funny Favorites Questionnaire

Units of Activities:

  1. Brains
  2. Cartoon Caption Capers
  3. Cartooning
  4. Comic Vision
  5. Do It . . . See It
  6. Fictionary
  7. Greeting Cards
  8. Illustrated Idioms
  9. Parody a Song
  10. Plates & Stickers
  11. Political Cartooning
  12. Punny Words
  13. Quotation Quota
  14. Rate a Cartoon
  15. Stand-up Comedy
  16. State of Fun
  17. Tales and Rhymes
  18. Top Ten Lists
  19. Wacky, Weird, Wild Words
  20. Word Plays



52 Pages
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches